Career At Staunch

If you are a college student, looking for work from home, freelancer or mother then this is your suitable place to work with Staunch. If you have no specific skill, you can join us as in “data entry” position. We always look for the long-term employee who thinks of joining Staunch as their career option.

The basic requirement to join us:

  • Intermediate English reading, writing and speaking skill.
  • Intermediate Computer skill.
  • Monday to Saturday full-time job (8:30 hours a day).
  • You always need to have access to the internet connection to *work from anywhere in the world*.
  • You need your personal dedicated computer or laptop for work.
  • You are not allowed to do another job or freelancing while working with Staunch.

If you think you are enthusiastic and meet the above requirements then send us your resume at and if we think you are good enough to join us, we will Email you back.