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You must have bought the domain before but always had trouble when it comes to configuring. But the best result is only possible when the support team is with you helping with step by step. This website has articles on everything. If you are still not able to crack the job then reach out to the live chat and they will happily do it for you. You can sit back and do whatever you want.


  • Support shows the quality of after SALE!

I want to share one of my experience. I transferred the domain from another website I don’t want to mention the name of it but Namecheap helped me with every single thing and I was doomed to see their support and I made my mind for life that I am going to stick by these guys as they are changing the industry.

  • Price is the KING

Let’s come down to this as this is always a priority whether a person or a company is rookie or experienced. People need cheap and quality service. So, Talking about the cost I personally bought the domain and hosting for the 2nd year in $25

  • Validity

Generally, other websites are giving you 10 GB storage. What you get with Namecheap is 20 GB storage. On top of that, you get to manage 3 websites on a single hosting plan. Isn’t it like winning a lottery?


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Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more