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social media marketing agency

What Is Social Media Marketing?

According to a recent report by the Global Web Index, an individual spends about 142 minutes per day on social media. For the most part, it’s for personal reasons such as entertainment, education, inspiration, and to sell a product or service. You must research for good social media marketing agency.

Today’s digital generation loves social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. In addition to being free, they are quick and easy to access.

Thanks to such channels, many companies continue to take huge strides as far as online marketing goes.

So, are you a small business? Do you want to tap into digital marketing to reach multiples of your audience? Great idea!
However, the difference entirely lies on how well you play your cards. Do you have the time, knowledge, and expertise to get your business rolling online? I thought so.

Brand awareness, conversion rate, and boosted posts are key to excellent online brand performance.

Company Strengths at a glance

Social Media Marketing Services We Bring to the Table

Our talented team surely knows how to pack a punch. Whether it’s about encouraging sharing content, targeting a specific audience, or drive traffic to campaigns, we will market your business right where it belongs on the internet – Desirable heights!


Tailor-Made Social Media Marketing Agency

How We Help with Your Social Media Marketing Needs

social media marketing agency

Build Channel-Identical to Your Needs – Depending on your brand, we identify and make good use of media platform. You can make a killing from potential customers.

Create a substantial strategy – We present you with a detailed marketing plan, including an editorial calendar to help align your online presence with your goals.

Set you up on various platforms – We create exceptional profiles on different platforms, to help followers identify with your brand. That’s not all. We make sure your business profiles are SEO friendly. To top it off, we offer you a scheduled content to get you rolling in the first few weeks.

Create and Schedule Your Content – Along with data and analytics, our creative writers weave your content together. The one loved by your audience and search engines. Additionally, we schedule your content for posting across multiple channels. This way, your social media management is made easier.

Network Building – At Staunch, we perform extensive research on your customers, competitors, and influencers. After that, we give you a comprehensive analysis of the same. We go ahead and lay a platform to allow for a close working relationship between you and brand advocates. Bloggers and journalists in your industry included. We also use our special listening tools to track your social media campaigns and spot hot topics and valuable areas of discussion.

Educate you on social media disciplines – We sail you through the rough waters of social media marketing and break down corporate jargon. As such, you can interact with your customers in a friendly way.


In a nutshell,

Our Social Media Marketing Agency Include​

Staunch is a digital marketing company that offers a wide variety of social media services to small businesses. Leading the pack of our specialists is, Arpit Soni. With hands-on experience in digital marketing, we build a top-notch social media marketing plan to help with your online goals.

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We firmly consider presenting clients with every report of progress weekly/bi-weekly or monthly.

Think Ahead

“Plan your work and work your plan” A quote by Napoleon Hill. We work on making your today and future flourishing.

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